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Multi vendor marketplace script

In the recent online business trends, Entrepreneurs prefer Mullti vendor marketplace to ordinary online store as the cost to develop ecommerce portal is very huge and even the chances of succeeding is very low as being new born seller it is really difficult to build-up trust into consumer. Moreover prohibiting privacy during online transactions is a more challenging task. So, let’s take quick look about introduction of marketplace website and working model of multi-vendor marketplace script before knowing advantages associated with it.


What is actually a Marketplace?


etsy clone scriptA multi-vendor marketplace platform such as Etsy Clone website owned by an admin offers a vast platform to lots of merchants in order to publish, promotion and sell their any kind of products. Once a vendor sign up, he can create their own store and sell their products in it. In addition to it vendor provides their own dashboard where he can know the sales figure, most viewed products,, etc. Vendor just need to pay a fraction of percentage as a commission to the owner for each sales done from marketplace website.

How marketplace website is more profitable and economical?


Marketplace is an expansive store that enables diverse merchants to sell products on a common platform. Primary benefits associated with a Marketplace are listed below

Multi-vendor marketplace is an advanced and feature-rich ecommerce store that enables diverse vendors to sell their products on a multi-beneficial platform. Basic advantages of multi-vendor or peer to peer marketplace website are listed below:

  • Marketplace is very user-friendly platform to sell products for small merchants
  • A peer to peer marketplace lures buyers as it has a vast collection of products.
  • Sale conversion rate in a marketplace is comparatively higher than that of an online store.
  • Products & sell management is very easy and simple over marketplace platform


NCrypted’s Etsy Clone – Ultimate solution for multivendor ecommerce startup

etsy clone


Launching a multivendor marketplace platform is not a easy task but you make it simple by having powerful, feature-rich and customized multi-vendor marketplace script such as Etsy Clone by NCrypted. It enables you to develop your own giant peer to peer marketplace store without facing tough challenges of cost, management and technology.


Advantages of Etsy Clone script by NCrypted

  • Easy to customize as this Multivendor marketplace script comes with 99.99% is open source code.
  • Can accommodate any number of products as it is spacious.
  • Offers an array of potential features that boosts the sales and attracts customers.
  • Responsive and hence it is compatible with portable devices.
  • Supports multiple payment gateways and also ensures a secure transaction.
  • SEO friendliness improves the page ranking


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